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  • We provide professional services advices in obtaining approved licenses for companies using products containing Radioactive Materials or equipment that emit ionizing radiation.

  • We ensure that your company meets all legal regulatory requirements.
    For global companies it can be a challenge and time consuming to meet the regulatory requirements of the Country.

  • Let our consultants take over this duty as we have experience with Cote d’Ivoire regulations, we know that your company understand how the compliance with local regulations is important.

  • We work closely with the Administration to understand latest requirements in the Country in order to provide the required licenses and permits to you as follow:
  • - Radioactive Licenses: Import, Transport, Storage, Utilization and Export (Ministry of Public Health)
    - Explosives Licenses: Import, Transfer, Export (Ministry of Mines)
    - Customs Clearance Permits for Explosives Import (Ministry of Interior and Security)
    - Military escort Permits for Explosives and RA Materials Import and Export (Ministry of Defense)
    - Satellite License (ARTCI)
  • We provide explosives transport by the means of a truck with dual compartment in order to separate primary from secondary explosives.