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  • We offer Crude Oil and Petroleum products trading services from our offices in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (West Africa).

  • We source and deliver petroleum products and crude oil that drive the global economy. We act as long-term partners to producers and end-users of Crude Oil and petroleum products. We manage risk and improve market competitiveness.

  • We facilitate the supply of Crude Oil and Petroleum products, mostly on annual contracts, to refiners, end-buyers and traders. Our Petroleum products are sourced directly from African and Middle East refineries.
    We secure the products directly from refineries and continuously monitor the location and status of each cargo. The products are safely transported to the ports for export and delivery to the buyers.

  • Our network of oil companies makes us an international intermediary. We work closely with different Oil Refineries to manage international trades of Crude Oil and Petroleum products such as:
    D2 Diesel Oil, Jet Fuel, AGO (Automotive Gas-oil), Unleaded Premium (PMS), Kerosene and Gasoline.
    Trading operations are dealt around the world with licensed companies delivering services with speed and professionalism.

  • If you need petroleum-based products, you are at the right site. We can source them for you provided the volume is at least 100,000 metric tons per month and you follow our procedures.
  • The specifications of the products are available upon request of qualified end-buyers and mandated intermediaries.