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  • Does ICS have training programs for its Personnel?
    Yes, our personnel are trained to equip them with the required skills to enhance their knowledge of job descriptions.

  • Who are some of ICS clients?
    Our major clients are in the oil & gas industry such as;
    1. Schlumberger OEL
    2. MI Swaco
    3. Weatherford
    4. Halliburton
  • 5. Petroci ci-11 Ldt

  • What are some of the services ICS offers to client?

  • 1. Immigration Services
    Rapid Response to its client’s demands is the priority of ICS.
    ICS provides Immigration Services and VIP services as follow:
    - Urgent Visa on Arrival (VoA) and Assistance
    - Ordinary Assistance Services (Arrival and Departure)
    - Visa Extension
    - Work Permit and Resident Permit for workers and relations

  • 2. Human Resources Services
    ICS provides qualified personnel to assist in the Oil and Gas industry.
    The Personnel provided by ICS to its clients and partners is Ivorian and Expatriate.

  • 3. Rental
  • ICS is committed to provide to its clients the best and affordable Vehicles and other industrial equipment for long term rental.

  • 4. Consulting Services
    ICS provides consulting services for obtaining official / approved Licenses for Explosives, Radioactive Materials Importation / Exportation and Satellite (Data transmission).